The Human Condition

Our cozy little planet is presumed to have existed for over four and a half billion years. In the most recent three of those, it has been teeming with life. They come and go, and more than we will ever know of. The truth is there have been many species of fascinating creatures that crawled, squirmed, floated, swam, galloped, trotted, scurried, walked, ran and flown throughout our ever changing environment called Earth. Each had its mechanism for being. Each had the means with which to move about, perpetuate and thrive; the means with which to process some form of cognition, or maybe at the very least the means with which to perceive. Each had within it the mechanism responsible for ending the inadequate; the unnecessary; the obsolete. Some of these creatures persisted for millions of years before the mechanism within them led them down that narrowing path. To appear as if they never existed or at best to forever sequel into a display at the Smithsonian. To be something to learn from. We humans, the latest upgrade model of hominid, are no different. We have our own mechanism of survival, perpetuation, and ultimately, our own demise, “The Human Condition.”

The human condition, it mars the soul, and burdens the spirit. It is the initiating tool, cycle and grand culmination of all of societies mistakes and undoings. Whether you think of it as sin, failure, shortcomings, ethical or moral turpitude, or unhealthy normal reactions to abnormal stress. It divides us from harmony. It unites us in doleful conspiracy. It diminishes our value as a species. It threatens to resolve our issues with finality. To cure the infection we fester upon this planet by allowing us to render ourselves onto the path of extinction. We can learn to heal the wounds of the human condition. Treat the symptoms, and practice good preventative care, and we will prevail. Cure the human condition and we will evolve to something better; something truly amazing.

Friday, October 12, 2012

When You Just Can't Stop Thinking About Her...

     What to do when you just can't stop thinking about her?  An age old question many would presume ~ must be a wonderful feeling.  A condition all may know, all too well, and if not ~ May we all be so lucky as to experience this "Thing," some day.  Call it infatuation, obsession, intrigue or dare I say ~ the L word.  Well now ~ Let's just say, that each of us, fortunate enough to experience this "Thing," must determine that for themselves.  For certain you are very much alive with the caveat that the proof of which is in the symptoms... There is a loss of appetite, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, possibly sheer terror, bewilderment, and unmitigated excitement!  All culminating in the overwhelming desire to be around her your every waking moment... Still ~ the question remains.  What do you do when you just can't stop thinking about her!  To which I must propone ~ I would be remiss in my responsibilities as a rambling fool and street guru, to offer you said advise, without really knowing your particular circumstances... There are many ways this could play out for you, from resulting in a dearly sought out life epiphany ~ To, well ~ A restraining order... Yes, I know, not exactly the answer you were hoping for!  Hey now, this blog does after all have the words "Rambles On" in the main title, so um please, let us spare the pule... Still ~ perhaps there in lays the answer... Maybe the question is not what to do, but should you do "something," and the answer to that is, Yes!  Do something. Make that something uncompromisingly thoughtful, honest and sincere.  You may just get your heart broken, or you may enter a world of the most beauteous magic... Either way you'll know; she'll know ~ you are both very much alive!

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